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 Creative Corner is being moved

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Creative Corner is being moved Empty
PostSubject: Creative Corner is being moved   Creative Corner is being moved I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 1:23 pm

I have talked with Shade, and he has no interest in this forum anymore. (He thought it died) He gave me permission to create a new Creative Corner. I will get to work on it. As for now, it's domain name will likely be something along the lines of, but in the future a .org or .com domain is possible. (I'm leaning towards .org, but it is the community's decision.) I will need to make a few choices, and some things I want the community involved. Here is a list of things, I will highlight in green things that are done.

  • Create domain
  • Choose forum software (Simple Machines, or phpBB? Discuss)
  • Get it running
  • Create theme (This is something I want the community to do, create a theme. More details later, discuss)
  • Let it run, fix any problems
  • Install mods that would be useful (Like a "save draft" button right on the site)
  • Get .com or .org domain (Which? And no promises. Discuss)
  • Advertise? (Discuss)

Get all the members you can to see this, this is intended to be forum-wide.

EDIT: I found there to be some confusion. By software, I mean what program our new forum will run. phpBB is the one we are currently using, and Simple Machines is another. There is no obligation to do this, this is your choice. You can also participate in one thing, but not another. That's fine. Do whatever you want to, as long as it isn't vandalism or illegal.
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Creative Corner is being moved
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