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 Touhou, Bullet hell

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Touhou, Bullet hell Empty
PostSubject: Touhou, Bullet hell   Touhou, Bullet hell I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 2:14 pm

The game known as Touhou(Well there are 14 of them) are what basicaly created the genere called "Bullet Hell".

In these games, you play a selection of differnet characters, each has their pros and cons, from having better power to better movment. You often have to deal with thousands of bullets flying at you all at one, and that is not a joke at all.

You use the Z key to fire your bullets, and the X key to fire a bomb that kills everything on screen and damages bosses rather well. By using the Shift key, you can slow your character down, to help navigate the mazes of bullets that you often incounter. You'll often find yourself holding down the Shift key alot.

You go through 7 level in each game, and there are always two extra level.Every level has a mid-boss and true boss. At the start of each game, the midbosses will go down easy, but torwards the later half, they start to use spell cards just like the true bosses. True Bosses start using spell cards right off the back, each boss has 7 cards( which you have to kill them 7 times), but depending on the diffculty you select, you may not incounter them all. Only one boss in all of the games has 9 cards, and that is Final Boss B of Imperishable Night, and she is called Kaguya.

The games have four difficulties to choose from. Easy mode, is just that, laughably easy. Normal mode is bascialy Easy mode with one extra spell card to each boss. Hard mode, the first boss already starts with 4 cards and the bullet multiplier is up by three times. Lunatic Mode, all bosses have 7 cards, and the bullet multiplier is up 10 times. In this mode you also have to worry about the waves of badguys that come out and corner you, plus all mid-bosses have two cards in this mode.

All of the games from 5 and below were only made for Windows 98, and were far easier then the new ones(Execpt Imperisable Night, being the true easiest of all)

These games are well known for their music, and it is very impressive for only using a format which names escapes my mind right now. Though it is not MP3.

Here is a video showing one particular boss, Yukari, often called the hardest of all Touhou bosses.(that is saying something mind you.)
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Touhou, Bullet hell
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