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 The Rules.

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PostSubject: The Rules.   The Rules. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 5:47 pm

Alright, I've seen quite a few forums and the main difference between the crappy ones and the good ones is this:


And moderating.

The rules are here for a reason. Follow them. If you have a serious problem with one, PM Me about it and we can discuss it. You may also PM me suggestions for rules, however please THINK before PM'ing them to me...I don't want something like "LOL no saying, liek, crap or somethin, IDK."

1. This is going to be a friendly environment, not a hostile one.
2. No harassing users. Do not ask for addresses, names, locations, schools, stuff like that. Do not give them out.
3. When criticizing someone else's work, try and have a positive criticism. If the author is very bad at detail, say something like "You've got great plot ideas and characterization, but your details are a little shady, I can't understand the difference between stuff." It helps a lot more than saying "You suck."
4. Absolutely no discussing religious or political issues outside of PM's. If anyone criticizes anyone else's religious beliefs on here, PM me immediately. Most likely you'll suffer a temporary ban, if not a permaban.
5. Moderators and Admins withold full rights to ban, edit, delete, lock, move your posts/you.
6. Do not ask to be a moderator.
7. Do not ask to have a thread stickied.
8. Ask for a thread to be locked if its purpose has concluded, you want it left undisturbed, it's getting out of control.
9. Keep profanity to a minimum. Certain words have been censored. Don't try and out-maneuver the censor. Just get along without saying those 5 words.
10. No sexual content, such as pornography, discussions of sexual things....there are other sites for that. This isn't one of them.
11. Keep sig lengths reasonable. It should not be bigger than the box you have to post messages in.
12. Don't overdo it with the smilies. They don't make you look that intelligent if your post is all Shocked and then its like Arrow and you got some affraid and cheers cherry santa rendeer farao scratch afro flower elephant study king queen jocolor , okay?
13. Settle debates and disputes reasonably and kindly. If you can't, agree to disagree or call a moderator or admin.
14. This is not an Evolution forum board. This brings about religious differences, and therefore you should not have stories based off evolution, evolution RP's, etc, etc, etc.
15. Don't spam.
16. There is clearly an off topic section at the bottom of this forum board. Off topic messages do not belong anywhere else but there. And keep it somewhat relevant, guys. Forum games and all are cool, but sometimes they get out of control.
17. The moderators are always watching you. ALWAYS.
18. Keep a sense of humor. Be able to be serious, but be able to relax and all too.
19. Don't use inappropriate insults based on race, gender, etc, etc, etc. ((You would be wise to not say whether you are male/female, black, white, etc.))
20. If you have a serious issue with someone that needs to be resolved, PM the moderators. We are here to help.

Forums are supposed to be a fun place, guys. Relax, enjoy yourself, and have fun. Very Happy
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The Rules.
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