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 Spark of Life

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PostSubject: Spark of Life   Spark of Life I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 4:04 pm

This is the poem I wrote for one of my Semester 1 finals. Note that this is the full unedited version in its entirety (which is rather redundant to say no that I think about it). My actual presentation was shortened slightly, as their was some communication errors concerning how long the presentation (it was to be an oral speech) was to be.

Self-written Poem
Colloquial Designation (Title):
“Spark of Life”

Spark of Life Defibrillator

It happens almost faster than the eye can see,
two barreling hunks of metal and steel, a small gray car and SUV.
Windows shatter and shower down glass,
And thus designating the scene of the crash.
A red river runs from a victim lips,
Down to his arms and fingertips.
Another staggers out of his broken car.
The trauma forever will leave, an everlasting scar.
He calls for the angels on this winter night.
Calls for the angels with their flashing lights.
To cut through the darkness, get rid of his strife,
And bring someone back with the spark of life.

A screeching of tires, a siren sounds,
The emergency vehicles roll across the ground.
Theirs to serve, protect and assist.
Theirs to pull a victim from a hollow abyss.
To pull a man back from the jaws of death.
Save him at what would’ve been his final breath.
Into the city they ride through the wind.
Colder it is getting, and colder it’s been.
A star of life is painted, on a background of white.
The sound of the sirens lead out into the night.
Theirs not reason, their opinion not differing
Theirs but to end the pain and suffering.

Into the eyes of the victim, the gathered crowd stares
They’re suddenly concerned with his state of affairs
They expect him to fade into the winter night.
To expire, finding peace, an end to his plight.
But, he does not fall, and he does not fade,
He simply thinks back to the decisions he’s made.
He considers the roads he’s walked down before,
The pressing desires he could no longer ignore.
He resolved from that point, to live a lot longer.
Delve into life, and with that resolution growing all the stronger.
So he would not give up on that winter night.
He would wait for the angels to end his plight.
To cut through the darkness, get rid of his strife,
And bring him back with the spark of life.

Freeing cold air against warm fading skin.
A call is dispatched to the victim’s next of kin.
The crowd grows into an untenable mass,
As the flashing lights of emergency vehicles pass.
Out from the darkness an ambulance did burst.
The crowd grew larger, for better or for worst.
Dissipated only by the EMTs.
As they separated the crowd swarming the car and SUV.
And even as hope grew from the darkness falling.
Upon the victim the death came calling.
Two beats, then nothing in the victim’s heart.
And only one thing could now make it start.
The angels who could remove, death’s subtle knife,
And bring the man back with the spark of life.

Inside that device, the man’s life did rest.
With hopes and dreams, love he’d yet to confess.
One EMT looked into his eyes, where life had been moments before,
And figured the man deserved something more.
And so he resolved to save this man.
He’d done all that he could, and he would do all that can.
He’d bring the breath back, to his now empty chest.
Then with the morning’s first light, they’d be able to rest.
No more depression, and no more strife.
If only they could save him with the spark of life.

Now if you’d already guessed, it’s an electric machine
A conglomeration of metal, sterile, and clean.
With two shiny paddles, and a heart of electric gold.
To cut through the darkness, bring warmth back to the cold.
And so to this machine, the angels did run.
So that the man would be alive, to see the morning sun.
And thus he would be saved with a man-made device.
For the task of an angel, this machine would suffice.
And the phoenix would rise from the ashes again.
To once again serve, protect, and defend.
And pull from his heart, death’s subtle knife.
And bring the man back with the spark of life.

The paddles hovered over his un-beating heart.
There was a high-pitched wine, as the machine did start.
He held the paddles, and he shouted out “clear”
He suppressed his emotions, his hope and fear,
And plunged down the paddles upon his heart.
Wracking his body with electrical darts.
To pull out death’smost subtle knife,
And bring him back with the spark of life.

One convulsion, then two, then three.
Another shock with the paddles, to see what could be.
Upon the third shock, they had to confess
It seemed they had failed, death had bested their best.
Then there was pulse, weak but still there,
And now there was hope instead of despair.
And with a great shock, the man opened his eyes
There were gasps of awe, and shouts of surprise.
They’d wiped away death’s hollow and strife,
And brought him back with the spark of life.
As the victim’s eyes wandered upwards, they knew they had won.
For his eyes gazed upon the rise, of the morning sun.

Spark of Life Sunrise_over_the_sea
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Spark of Life
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