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 Long, Random, and Free Poetry

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PostSubject: Long, Random, and Free Poetry   Long, Random, and Free Poetry I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 10:37 am

Just something that came to me...

In nature's kingdom, quiet reigns
In the depths of wooded places,
And there, amidst the peaceful grove, sit kings and queens of all
Which commonly are seen by man,
But cannot be described
With simple Words,
Or otherwise dreary means.

These beauteous Queens,
These magnificent Kings,
Can go unrecognized
For their beauty,
Wondrous to behold,
And yet made to survive.

And in this Kingdom, noble of all,
There arose a battle,
For those of beauty
Found before them
Enemies, the sort of which
Are not too often seen;
Sundew plants
And bladderworts
And all that is obscene.

And so these plants
Chose to go to war;
Amongst the armies, many fell;
Fair orchids, mighty pitchers,
Rafflesia, worthy lily,
Deadly flytrap,
Awesome cereus
And others, far too many.

And so, as battle raged around,
The Carnivores were struck
With an idea,
"Perhaps a treaty?
Between the warring armies,
To stop the fight, and end it all"
By means the Evil fancied.

And so they went, before the King
Of the good, the fine, the wondrous,
And they proposed a game of Chess
To be the final match.

The treaty was accepted, for in their hearts
White knew that it could win
Topping black, the cruel Carnivorous
From taking what was theirs.

And so they picked
The pieces from
The armies, which was tough.
And then they began to play the Game,
Each hoping for some luck.

On the side of white, a glorious
Ensemble was beheld.
The Pawns were Pansies, miniscule
Eight to go around,
The Rooks were Gladiolus,
The Knights Almighty Cereus
The Bishops white Plumeria
The Queen a wondrous Orchid.

And the King, the most magnificent,
A Calla Lily of snow
Stood tall and proud over his group
And this did that King know:
They could not lose, right there and then
And fail their kingdom now.

And so the batlle did begin,
The first move PK4,
Then black moved out a knight, and the battle had begun,
White Queen to F3, Black Knight to B4
White Bishop C4, Black Pawn A5
And there the Game was won,
White Queen F7, Double X
Checkmate by the White
A Scholar's Mate, for Black had not
Realized that they were trapped.

Sweet victory rang out that day...
The carnivores were beaten.
And once again a peace of mind
Returned to its true place.

But in the darkness, Evil lurked
Wishing it could strike;
But it could not, because its move
Was Black Pawn to A5.
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Long, Random, and Free Poetry
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